Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sunday it is

Okay, Sunday will be the cookout and history session, starting at 5 pm and going til whenever people get tired and wanna go home. Or 10pm, whichever comes first. :) If people are bringing SOs that's okay, but let me know so I know how much extras we will need. Also, if some of you could bring buns that would be great as well. I'll have baked beans, fruit salad, chips, soda, pasta salad etc for y'all.

In other news, it appears that no matter what I do, I will either be short Nigel or Matt for the next session. Therefore I have decided that I will just go ahead and run this thursday for Tim and Nigel, and Matt will just have to suck it. I believe I won't have a Nigel for the next Thursday session, so it's better that way I suppose. It's good that Tim has been keeping such good mission logs, as it means that nobody gets completely left out of the loop.

All this is dependant, of course, on Nigel and Tim still being able to do Thursday. If neither of you two has checked the blog and replied by this evening, I will be calling you. Or rather, will have already called you, from your temporal perspective.


Locnar said...

I'm in on Thursday.

Locnar said...

Brad, can you bring Wildcards #2 and #3 if you think of it.


Barilas said...

There is a small chance that I could make it for part of Thursday. I guarantee nothing, but I'll try. It wouldn't be before 8 pm, and even then, who knows.

So that's that.

Womachka said...

Sunday is not going to work for me. We have the Tharp family reunion at Iowa Lake that day so I am going to have to call a no to Sunday.