Friday, June 10, 2005

The Doctor is out...of his mind.

Vanguard mission log (June 9, 2005)

We really started to act like a team during this mission. I'll try to highlight that during this report.

"Break down that door" I yelled. Like lightning, Hooligan blasted it, it buckled but did not break. Next, Flea stepped up and tore it from the hinges. We were able to escape whatever fate was prepared for us. We searched the rest of the floor, and ran into a bunch of Chinese Tongs with automatic weapons. We dispatched them pretty easily. I tried to fling one of them into his friends. Well, I flung him alright, but I missed the others and he broke into the elevator and down the shaft. We retrieved him, but he was in bad shape. I talked Hooligan into patching him up, I gave him some story about needing him for interrogation. I'm not sure if he bought it, or if he just did it to shut me up. Need to be careful using my full power on normals.

We went up to the next floor. Found a well stocked surgery. Flea examined some of the chemicals we found, but could not determine much without the proper equipment.

Up to the next floor. Of course the bad guys were waiting for us. There was a whole mess of Tongs, plus a rather interesting cast of villains:

  • Salvo: a eurotrash mercenary with a high tech energy rifle
  • Speedfreak: can run so fast he's a blur
  • Esper: telepathic woman with mind control powers
  • Decay: a grotesque monster with the power to decay matter
  • Dr. Black: crazed surgeon who seemed to get off on blood

Well, we started off squaring off with Salvo and some tongs. Salvo managed to peg me and flea with some energy blasts, that eventually sent me flying down the stairs. We managed to start pairing down the thugs, until Speedfreak got involved. Not long after I got myself out of the stairs, Salvo was down but so were Hooligan and Flea. I moved to shield them with my TK, to give them a chance to shake off the cobwebs. Speedfreak came back for another pass, I concentrated all my TK into defending us. By this time, the thing called Decay was also closing in on us. Speedfreak ran into my wall of TK force, and about knocked himself out. He seemed unsure after that, and withdrew for a while. Hooligan and Flea managed to get up, and we continued the fight against the thugs and Decay. Soon we could hear Dr. Black and his minions getting ready to leave. I had to send Flea and Hooligan in to try and stop them. I was too busy with Decay. He touched me several times and I could feel my flesh burning. I hammered him as hard as I could, but I wasn't sure he even felt it.

Meanwhile, Hooligan got overwhelmed by Speedfreak and Esper. I managed to catch the speedster with another wall of force, but not fast enough to help out Hooligan. At this point, Dr. Black slashed the throat of his assistant, and inhaled the steam from the blood. He seemed to get stronger, faster, and more crazed. I was getting mauled by Decay. Flea reported that Esper used her powers to get him to sit down and not fight. Dr. Black tried to cut up Hooligan with a scalpel. Good thing he's tough. Flea broke out of the mind control, but Dr. Black used some kind of nasty chemical on him. Buy this time it seemed that Speedster and Black had enough. They started for a fire escape. We were not able to stop them. I was still getting shredded by Decay, luckily Flea recovered and came to help. Working together, we were able to put Decay down, although it took an amazing amount of pounding.

I had taken so much damage from Decay I though it might be the end. We got Hooligan up, and he managed to stabilize the damage.

I looked through what was left of Dr. Black's papers. He didn't manage to destroy all of them. It took me a while to piece together but eventually I figured out the horrible truth. Dr. Black hadn't even put the pieces together. (Pun intended) The parts that caused the flame outs came from a street gang called the Seperoths. After examines all the evidence, it seems like these gangers are all vampires! I know it sounds crazy, and in the past I would never believe it. But all the pieces fit. The vampire organs burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. Seems these vamps got into a fight, took enough damage to go dormant, then were sold to black for parts. We destroyed all the vampire parts and called the L.A.P.D. for the rest.

Learned that this gang hangs out at a club called Tech Noir. Hooligan and Flea asked around. They were offered information if they came to a warehouse that night. Well, of course this smells of a trap, but it was our best lead. Besides, I didn't think they would know we are paranormal.

Hooligan and Flea went to the meeting. I flew in and waited on the roof as backup. This chick who thinks she's in the cast of "Innocent Blood" starts talking:

"You are the group who raided Dr. Blacks operation?"


"What did you do with all of the parts?"

"We let them burn in the sun."

"Good, Ok....kill them."

Suddenly I hear a whole mess of Vampires jump out of the darkness. Yep, stepped right in it again...

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Delphino said...

"It sucks to be you... it sucks to be you..."
"Your getting the screw, honest and true, it sucks to be you..."
- sung to the tune of It Had to be You.