Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Recent Headlines

Idiot King escapes Asylum...again!

President says evidence of superhuman creation program in Iraq, requests UN resolution to begin inspections.

Institute for Human Advancement donates advanced anti-superhuman equipment to PART.

City Council considering resolution to rescind County statute on metahuman insurance requirements. Hewson takes heat from protestors.

"Brother Hood" makes court appearance, supporters clash with protestors outside courthouse.
Black Phantom prevents riot.

Construction begins on City Center Building.

President Otanga of Luranga accuses King Ayawan of Unadai of sponsoring campaigns of genocide against mutants in neighboring nations.

Ambassador Smith of San Muerte gives evidence before UN Security Council of Chilean-sponsored terrorism in his small nation; says President Zerstoiten "will not tolerate such attacks on our sovereign soil."

Morgan "Tripleforte" Durante presented medal by Queen Elizabeth for stopping terrorist attack on Tower Bridge.


Barilas said...

So a certain local professor is getting tired of just teaching about politics and history and is thinking about getting involved in county government.

Surely a tweed-wearing, pipe smoking, fiscally-conservative man would appeal to the voters of the county...

Delphino said...

Probably, although I suspect his alien status (has the professor immigrated, or is he still a servant of the queen/citizen of Scotland?) might be a problem.

Of course I have heard commentary that Arnold S is thinking of running for govenor, which would be a hoot.

Barilas said...
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Barilas said...

Oh, honestly.

Ah-nuld as governor?

Never happen.

Gray Davis will serve as long as he wants. The people love him!

On a side note, yes - being a foreign national just might preclude me from serving in office. Curses.

Is there some sort of organization to aid superheroes and mutants in cases of discrimination or the like? Something like (for lack of a better example at 1 in the morning) the NAACP? Just curious. It seems like at least in the L.A. area, it would be a good thing, considering the machinations of certain individuals plus the general anti-mutant sentiment which lingers post-9/11.